Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift’s BFF Status Is In SERIOUS Jeopardy, And It’s All Lorde’s Fault!!!

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And they’ll never be bestiez (bestiez), it doesn’t run in their blood!

With the ridiculous amount of success Royals brought her, Lorde suddenly finds herself on the top of many charts and on the tip of every celebrity’s tongue!

The talented teen from New Zealand has a slew of super important friends now, including Taylor Swift, but she’s also pissed off her fair share of divas during her quick ascent to the top!

Selena Gomez, for one, pretty much HATES her!

It all started when Lorde dissed the super sex-ay starlet for the message behind her smash single Come & Get It and it has only gotten worse! Now those closest to Selena say she CAN’T STAND Lorde!

A source close to the situation revealed:

“Selena can’t stand Lorde, and has publicly trashed Lorde for not being feminist and supporting other female artists.”

Whoa! We assumed there was no love lost between them, but we didn’t realize their feud was this heated! These two princesses of pop apparently have enough beef between them to open up their own In-N-Out Burger!

Even worse, it seems Taylor Swift is caught in the middle!

She was spotted with Lorde recently and that isn’t going over too well with Selena, who was T-Swizzle’s bestie… at least up until recently.

Lorde dissed TayTay once, too, but that’s water under the bridge now!

A source admitted:

“Taylor is buttering up Lorde, because she wants a musical collaboration and knows that Lorde is the hottest new thing in pop music. Taylor is blowing off the diss. She wants and edgier image, and Lorde is helping her craft that.”

Oh noes! So much dramz, so little time!

Do U think Lorde will end up wrecking Selena and Taylor’s increasingly fragile friendship???

Dec 26, 2013 7:44pm PDT

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