Isabella Cruise Celebrates Her 21st Birthday With A Shaved Head!

isabella cruise dyes hair red buzz cut 21 years old

Doesn’t she look fantastic!

Isabella Cruise has never been one to shy away from radical hairstyles, but this is her craziest — and most fab — yet!

Tom Cruise’s daughter celebrated her 21st birthday over the weekend with some friends, and brother Connor Cruise.

The 18-year-old boy man shared this pic (above) which revealed a buzz-cut, red-haired Isabella!

So where was Tom?!

Well, Bella and Connor’s dad flew in to Florida for the special day, but he didn’t hang around. A source said:

“Tom flew in to Florida to wish Bella a happy birthday but he didn’t go to Disney World with them. It was more of a fun celebration for the older cousins and a few of Bella and Connor’s friends. They just wanted to run around and be goofy for the day.”

We’re sure that Tom would have created a pretty big scene if he went, because people love them some Maverick!

[Image via Instagram.]

Dec 27, 2013 6:01pm PDT

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