Justin Bieber’s Believe Director, Jon M Chu Defends The Star: He’s “Just A Kid!”

Justin Bieber Believe director defends him

Hmmm this seems like a pretty odd defense to us!

If Justin Bieber is neither a bad boy nor a perfect human being, then what is he?

Well, not retiring from music, that’s for sure!

Jon M Chu, the Believe director, has spoken out in defense of the star, (probably to get more people to come see the film), saying that the media’s portrayal ain’t the truth, but neither is the personality Biebs puts on for the world.

Say whaaaaaattttt??

The director said:

“He’s not as perfect as he says he is and he’s not as bad as the paparazzi portray him to be. He’s a kid.”

We’d hardly call the Biebs a kid — he’s 19 years-old!!

And we’re not so sure it’s entirely the media’s fault, Justin is known to pee in buckets, get into fights with paparazzi, offend entire countries, and a slew of other inappropriate things.

So, Biebsy is definitely still YOUNG, but he’s young and in the public’s eye with hundreds of thousands of followers who look up to him.

While he may not WANT to be role model, the truth is that he IS one and should be more careful of the things he does.

Sure, he does some philanthropic deeds and we can’t expect him to stay in and on his couch all the time, but someone needs to teach Justin that peeing in a bucket is not the smartest thing in the world to do.

And will, obviously, not gain you fans, especially in the media.

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

Dec 27, 2013 10:02pm PDT

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