Aaron Carter Scheming To Catch Ex-Girlfriend Hilary Duff On Marriage Rebound?! Icky Deets HERE!

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Oh noes! We HOPE this isn’t true!

Aaron Carter has posted several cryptic tweets since Hilary Duff announced her separation and some fans believe he’s planning a move to win her back!!

On Friday the incredibly lovely Lizzy McGuire star revealed she and former hockey-playing hubby Mike Comrie were headed for Splitsville. Sadzies!!

Later that same day, however, her ex-bf Aaron posted several mysterious tweets.

He first admitted:

What?!? Because of the timing most fans interpreted it as a sign that Aaron was considering trying to win back his former lady love!

Aaron later tweeted:

Hmm, what’s the big secret AC?

Is it that you were super worked up over Hilary’s newly single status and your aim is to win her back!?

According to one of his internet “friends,” yes! They apparently had a revealing heart-to-heart about his relationship with Hilary!!!

This is their alleged conversation:

aaron carter tweet mean wm
aaron carter tweet mean 2 wm

Waiting for her for half of your life? YIKES!

Obviously we have no way of knowing what percentage of this conversation is accurate, maybe the screenshots are Photoshopped, but that doesn’t change the fact that we absolutely do NOT love the idea of Hilary and Aaron getting abck together!!! Especially not right now!!

Even if you discount his troubles with drugs or other dubious women or the fact that they already gave dating a shot and it didn’t work out, Hilary is still in the very delicate process of ending her marriage!

She doesn’t need to hop right back into a relationship with anyone right now, let alone an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart after reportedly dumping her for Lindsay Lohan!!!

She needs to consider her adorable son Luca first and foremost!!

Ugh! What a sticky situation!

Do U think Aaron is really still lusting after Hilary or was all of this blown out of proportion?

[Image via WENN & Twitter.]

Jan 13, 2014 7:51pm PDT

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