Evander Holyfield “Apologizes” For Anti-Gay Remarks And Horse Punching

Evander Holyfield apologized on twitter for his anti-gay remarks and his horse punchery!

Evander Holyfield has found himself in a bit of hot water lately.

All because he apparently doesn’t have a verbal filter.

While on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, Evander did two pretty dumb things: going on an anti-gay rant of ignorance and admitting to punching a pregnant horse in the face.

Wow… just wow.

Finally, he took to twitter to offer up an apology, writing:

Hmm… he seems genuine enough.

Possibly coached by a publicist but still, we can assume he’s sorry because of all the trouble he’s brought on himself.

Let’s hope that next time, he thinks before he speaks.

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Jan 15, 2014 6:27pm PDT

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