Woman Affected By Fertility Clinic Sperm-Switch Scandal Talks About Family Finding Out The Truth — Twenty Years Later!

woman affected by fertility clinic sperm switch scandal talks about finding out the truth

We can’t even imagine!

One family from Texas never thought something like this was possible. But they discovered the shocking news when they decided to trace their family by testing their DNA.

Annie Branum was astounded to discover that her biological father was actually a man named Thomas Lippert who was working at the Utah fertility clinic who switched his sperm with Annie’s father.

Lippert is now deceased but he was a convict and jailed for a kidnapping charge.

Here’s what Annie said happened when her mother first told her the news:

“When my mother first told me. I didn’t even completely understand what she was saying. It took me a minute to realize that she was saying that I wasn’t, um, that I didn’t share any DNA with my father. Everything that I thought that I was, I wasn’t.”

The original clinic is now shuttered and the records are gone, but the widow of Thomas Lippert believes he may have pulled the same stunt with possibly a hundred or more families.

However the University of Utah, associated with the clinic, put out a statement that said:

“There is no evidence to indicate this situation extends beyond the case in question.”

As for Annie’s father – there is no question to him on who his daughter’s father is — even though he hopes the university will make sure to check to see if other families were affected by this psychopath.

Here’s what the father said:

“Our hope was that the university would inform the families that used that clinic during the years that Tom Lippert was there. I think Annie and I are closer than we’ve ever been. I love Annie. She’s my daughter.”

That’s so true.

Just because she isn’t biologically related to her old man – that doesn’t make it so he’s not her father.

These results couldn’t possibly change that.

Jan 16, 2014 5:12pm PDT

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