Jane Lynch Packs Her Bags & Follows The Gleeks To New York City!

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Sue Sylvester is a hard one to get rid of folks! But thankfully, she’s not going anywhere!

As stated by the chairman of Fox Entertainment, Jane Lynch will not be exiting the Glee series.

Instead, she’ll be packing her track suits in her Cheerio duffle bags and making her way to the Big Apple with a few of the Gleeks from McKinley High!

And if you didn’t know, now you’re all caught up!

The Glee actress recently spilled the news about her excitement for New York, she said:

“I don’t know what they’re going to do. I understand that they’re not going to say goodbye to a lot of the kids, either. I think there are a bunch of kids who are going to go and I think they might check still in at McKinley.

I’m going to New York from what I understand. I haven’t heard how or why, but I’m excited to see.”

So, there could be a chance all the senior Gleeks will be moving to NYC?!

And even though we’re not quite sure why one Sue Sylvester would be changing her scenery to the city that never sleeps, but Jane has a few hunches about her character’s fate.

Glee‘s resident evil principal said:

“I bet you she has a career change. I think it would be really cool if she goes out there to be an actress and she does a one woman show and just becomes this huge hit. All these people working so hard to become actors and performer and professionals and I just kind of waltz in and become a big splash.”

We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that happened to Sue.

She does have a tendency to snag the best jobs ever! Like when she got her “That’s How Sue Sylvester C’s It” segment on the local news channel, her career change from Cheerios head coach to Principal of McKinley High, Sue’s a lucky one!

We wonder how Matthew Morrison Mr. Shue will take the news when he coincidentally runs into Sue somewhere in New York!

Jan 17, 2014 3:50pm PST

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