Grey’s Anatomy Gets The Greenlight To Stay On ABC Forever – Find Out Which Shows Are Safe & Which Aren’t!

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Cristina Yang may be leaving the hospital, but Meredith Grey isn’t going anywhere, guys!!

And you have ABC president Paul Lee to thank for that!

ABC’s top dog is still enamored by the hit medical drama after many years because he told reporters at the TCA Press Tour that Grey’s Anatomy will be around for a very long time!

Paul elaborated:

“[Executive producer] Shonda Rhimes is one of the greatest writers that our generation has seen. She’s continuing to write an immensely powerful show. It makes you laugh and cry every week, and what season are we now? And by the way, to her enormous credit, it is completely different than Scandal. And I love it. I think it’s going to stay on the network for many years to come.”

The show may stay on the network for many years, but can the same be said for their AH-Mazing cast?

We’re not sure how much longer Ellen Pompeo will want to play Meredith. There were rumors of the majority of the cast leaving the show after the 10th season, but nothing has been confirmed at this point.

Paul continued to praise other dramas and comedies on the network like Revenge, he said:

“We have a long way to go with that show. They’ve reconnected that amazing conflict between Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). The producers pitched us the back nine [episodes] and we loved it.”

Well, the dramas on ABC are enticing! How can anyone resist watching jaw-dropping and suspenseful shows?!

The ABC president acknowledged some first-time comedies on the network, praising The Goldbergs, but stated Trophy Wife and Super Fun Night need a little bit of work.

Eeek, that doesn’t sound like good news for Malin Akerman and Rebel Wilson.

Hopefully the two shows can up their games before getting axed from ABC!

Jan 18, 2014 7:02am PDT

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