Justin Bieber Goes From Peeing In Mop Buckets To Peeing On The Snow! Will Somebody Please Housebreak This Kid?!

Justin Bieber snow pee

Justin Bieber knows how to leave a lasting mark wherever he goes, whether it’s spitting in people’s faces, tagging their walls with graffiti, or, in this case, pissing on their snow!

Apparently, when the Biebs isn’t whipping out his peen for a text message to Selena Gomez, he’s using his junk to give fans a totally unwanted autograph: his urine all over their white powder (no, we’re not talking about the Lil Za kind either)!

According to a witness in Snowmass, Colorado, Justin was spotted hopping out of his Escalade motorcade surrounded by bodyguards, before pissing his initials in the roadside snow, and whizzing away in his car.

What? Did he run out of mop buckets?

Several residents came over after he allegedly fled and reported that he had tinkled “JB” into the frosty white snow, which may or may not become a shrine to Beliebers.

Maybe somebody needs to tell Justin about this new invention called the urinal? It’s all the rage now!

Jan 20, 2014 5:53pm PDT

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