Russian Billionaire’s Girlfriend Incites Firestorm Over Racist Image Of Her Sitting On A “Black Woman” Chair

dasha zhukova black woman chair

This is just disturbing!

The photo (above) depicts Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich‘s girlfriend Dasha Zhukova (she’s also the editor-in-chief of Garage magazine) sitting on a “black woman” chair published in Miroslava Duma‘s online magazine, Buro 24/7.

It’s important to note that the black woman is actually a dummy and not a real person, and that the chair is made by British pop artist Allen Jones, who also made versions of white women in similar positions (you can see his work HERE).

Unsurprisingly, the image has been met with criticism for its racist overtones (not to mention how sexist it is). It’s hard to look at this photo and not interpret it as sending out a message of white dominance.

To add insult to injury, the interview with the picture went up yesterday, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the U.S.!

And understandably, many people are upset about it. As they rightly should be.

Miroslava Duma has since cropped out the bottom half of the image from the original story on her magazine’s website, removed the image completely from her Instagram, and posted an apology.

She wrote:

“Dear all, the team and I would like to express our sincerest apology to anyone who we have offended or hurt. It was ABSOLUTELY not our intention. We are against racism or gender inequality or anything that infringes upon anyone’s rights. We love, respect and look up to people regardless of their race, gender or social status. The chair in the photo should only be seen as a piece of art which was created by British pop-artist Allen Jones, and not as any form of racial discrimination. In our eyes everyone is equal. And we love everybody.”

Well, at least her apology sounds sincere.

Still, we really wish people, especially those in the fashion world, were more understanding of and sensitive to racial issues, because stuff like this keeps happening.

It’s hard to imagine a group of educated people brainstormed this idea without stopping to think of how it would be interpreted.

We can only hope that they learned from this!

[Image via Buro 24/7]

Jan 21, 2014 3:02pm PDT

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