Justin Bieber Curses Out Cop Who Arrested Him! Read The Transcript From The Arrest Report HERE!


Where are your manners, Justin Bieber?

Justin unleashed a curse filled rant on the police officer who cuffed him!

Read his F-bomb laden response taken from the arrest report below:

“Why did you stop me?…Why the f*ck are you doing this?…What the f*ck did I do? Why did you stop me?…I ain’t got no f*cking weapons. Why do you have to search me? What the f*ck is this about? What the f*ck are you doing?”

Wow, although he didn’t spit in his face, this is still pretty bad! SRSLY it will probably take weeks to pick up all the F-bombs he dropped!

We’re surprised he’s so chipper in his smugshot!

Jan 23, 2014 12:05pm PST

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