Justin Bieber’s Dad’s Enabling Continues! Gets Snappy And Protective Because Everyone’s An “Enemy!”

justin bieber dad tweet dui wenn

Watch out!

Justin Bieber‘s dad Jeremy Bieber is NOT messing around when it comes to those throwing shade at his moneymaker son.

After tweeting a sweet, ultra-mini love note to Justin, the protective papa tweeted:


Hold up! What is everyone lying about???!

The pot puffing, the drag racing, the sizzurping, the jail time??!

It is PRETTY evident from police, his all-too-smiley mug shot, and slew of other snaps that Justin has been seriously effing up lately!

Perhaps it’s time for Jeremy and the rest of JB’s crew to stop pampering the pop star and start serving up some tough love!

It is NO LIE that Biebs needs to make some changes and pronto!

In case Pops or U need a refresher on Bieby’s bad behavior, CLICK HERE to see the gallery, “Justin Bieber’s History Of Troublemaking Before His Arrest!”

[Image via WENN.]

Jan 24, 2014 11:21am PDT

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