Lorde Is Gorgeously Goth At Delta Airlines’ Pre-Grammy Party

lorde pregrammy party 2
lorde pregrammy party

Don’t expect to see Lorde in a frilly pink dress anytime soon!

Maybe she’ll finally cross over to the bright side in a few years, but for now the Royals singer is content with her signature black, which she wore to a pre-Grammy party hosted by Delta Airlines (yeah, why not!) yesterday.

Her long-sleeved maxi dress was pretty plain, but you must remember that Lorde is still a teenager, so trying to tell her what to wear would be completely fruitless.

She’s only 17 — this is her time to experiment!

Or she can just continue owning this look forever. All we know is, her hair and makeup are fabulous!

[Image via Fayesvision/WENN.]

Jan 24, 2014 11:19am PDT

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