Justin Bieber’s Attitude During DUI Arrest Didn’t Sit Well With Cops! See What They Said About His “Cocky” Behavior HERE!

justin bieber cocky during dui arrest

Ooooh, Justin Bieber!

You clearly have so much to learn about being arrested!

Although he cooperated in Toronto with his recent charges for assault, it seems he wasn’t so friendly in Miami during the arrest for DUI and so much more. In fact, police reported that he was kind of difficult to deal with that morning.

It is coming out that the Biebs was supposedly giving the police a hard time after being brought in. While he apparently “reeked of marijuana” and admitted to “smoking all night at the studio,” he also acted:

“[E]xcited, talkative, insulting, cocky.”

He also became difficult when cops wanted him to take a breath test. After first complying, he then reportedly decided to refuse. They eventually got Bieberoni to attempt the test, but he supposedly had difficulty following instructions and “he had extreme difficulty providing a continuous breath.”

We hear police felt like he was trying to undermine the test, while he then became agitated with the situation.

Considering he’s supposedly been a bit difficult in the past what with turning over his cell phone to police in egg-gate, we can’t say we’re all that surprised to hear this.

We just hope it doesn’t come back to bite him in the tush! Unless he’s into that sort of thing…LOLz!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jan 30, 2014 11:50am PDT

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