Lorde’s Birth Certificate Uncovered! Is She Actually 17 Years-Old Or Purely An Older Woman Pretending To Be 17?! Find Out HERE!!

Lorde is actually 17

Looks like little Lorde IS, well, little!!

Wait…what did we just say?!

Of course she’s a 17 year-old! Who would question that?!?

Well, apparently some people on the interwebz, mainly Twitter, have been speculating that the Grammy-winning singer, (full name: Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor), is actually an older woman PRETENDING To be a 17 year-old!

Which is completely ridiculous because who would WANT To go back to being 17.

So, the website The Hairpin decided to shell out the massively expensive $17.02 (lolz) to have a copy of Lorde’s birth certificate sent to them.

And what did they find?

Well, take a look for yourself…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

lordes birth certificate

They found exactly what we expected to find…that she was born on November 7th 1996 which makes her ding, ding, ding, 17 years old.


We can’t believe people ACTUALLY thought she would pretend to be 17!

Pure poppycock!

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[Birth Certificate via The Hairpin.]

Jan 30, 2014 11:09am PDT

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