Philip Seymour Hoffman Found With A Needle In His Arm!

philip seymour hoffman cause of death possible heroin overdose

We were hoping this wasn’t the case!

More details are coming out now about what happened to Philip Seymour Hoffman, and it seems to be a drug overdose.

New reports state that the 46-year-old actor was found in his Greenwich Village apartment with a hypodermic needle still in his arm, according to the police.

Around 11 AM, his personal assistant called 911 when the PA saw Mr. Hoffman’s body, which was fully clothed.

What a horrible thing, all the way around!

The police found heroin in the apartment, which Philip had admittedly struggled with and been to rehab for previously.

Hoffman hadn’t seemed right at the Sundance Film Festival, according to witnesses, and wouldn’t do any interviews.

This is just so, so heartbreaking!

We just wish he’d gotten the help when he needed it!

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 2, 2014 2:51pm PDT

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