Skiers Save The Life Of A Helpless Deer Buried In Deep Snow! Check Out The Miraculous Rescue HERE!!

These skiers save a stag stuck in super deep snow!! It's amazing!!

There are few things better than an animal being rescued.

We love when humans go out of the way to save cutie critters.

Especially when that critter is a big stag!!

There was some seriously heavy snowfall in East Tyrol, Austria and some skiers were enjoying the fresh powder, until they eventually came across a pair of antlers sticking out of the snow and realized there was a whole deer attached to them!

So they sprung into action, tying a rope around his antlers and pulling/digging him out.

Eventually they freed the deer and the most amazing thing happened… he didn’t immediately run away.

He hung around a moment and let his rescuers pet him!

So so so incredible!

Check out the amazing video (below) and prepare to have your heart warmed!

Feb 16, 2014 10:02am PST

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