Two Of The Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Stage A Reunion To Reveal The Stinky Truth About The Cast — And Their Farts!

mighty morphin power rangers reunion

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers turned 20 years old last year (shocking, we know!), and it’s been forever since we’ve seen any kind of reunion!

But we guess Amy Jo Johnston and David Yost, AKA the Pink and Blue Rangers, better buds than we thought!

The two joined forces for a StageIt livestream on Sunday, and the result is hilarious and revealing!

David seems to have forgiven and forgotten the abuse he got for being gay, because he totally waxes nostalgic, saying:

“I always just remember the camaraderie that the original cast had. We had such great chemistry together.”

That must have been too sappy for Miss Pink! She rebutts:

“We used to fart together. If you look at the opening of the original series, when we all pile up and we land on the floor of Zordon’s command center, look at this guy’s face, because guess who farted!”

Gross! Now we know why they had to wear face masks!

Then see the entire adorable reunion video (below), then see what the entire cast has been up to in our Where Are They Now? gallery!

Feb 17, 2014 1:21pm PDT

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