7 Reasons Why Pharrell Williams’ Hat Isn├óΓé¼Γäót As Silly As It Seems! Bet You Didn’t Know #3!!


Many people saw Pharrell Williams’ oversized Grammys hat and found it hard to wrap their heads around!!

Maybe because it was just so BIG, and designed to wrap around a head…instead of be wrapped around by heads. Ha!

But while the overwhelming piece may seem like nothing beyond a bold fashion statement, it’s actually MUCH more than that!

Here are 7 reasons why …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. It was designed by Vivienne Westwood!

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2. The design is vintage, and originated from the 1980s!


3. The hat first appeared in Sex Pistols producer Malcolm McLaren’s Buffalo Gals music video!

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4. Pharrell wore the hat as a tribute to the late Malcolm, whose birthday was in January!


5. In 2010, Westwood revived the ├óΓé¼┼ôBuffalo” or “Mountain” Hat from her 1982 fall/winter collection!


6. Pharrell bought the Grammys hat from London’s World’s End. And while his is a copy of the vintage design, he hopes to one day own a version that was actually made in the ‘80s!

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7. If anyone is interested in purchasing their own Buffalo/Mountain Hat for $180, they├óΓé¼Γäóll definitely be stocked at her Melrose location again starting this March (though calls to the store for pre-orders are recommended)! In the past, they’ve come in the following colors: camel, black, navy, green, bordeaux, red, fuchsia pink felt, and woven straw. Thus far it seems like Pharrell has a brown (camel?), gray (black?), and red one. For anyone about to call them up to pre-order though, we hear they will only be available in black and brown.


The more you know, right??

Finally, as a heads-up for all the aspiring fashionistas out there, this type of hat is supposedly making a comeback and replacing the fedora.

CLICK HERE to view the award Pharrell won partially thanks to this notorious headpiece!

[Image via WENN/Getty Images/Vivienne Westwood.]

Feb 19, 2014 11:28am PDT

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