Were You Moved By Ellen Page’s Coming Out? Well, You’re Not Alone & Prepare To Be Moved Again As The Reason Behind It Comes Out!

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We still haven’t stopped applauding Ellen Page for coming out, and now that we have even more reason to praise her, we’ll just keep clapping if Juno what we’re sayin’!

Michael Cole-Schwartz, the director of communications for the Human Rights Campaign, which organized the Time to THRIVE conference where Ellen publicly announced that she was gay, claimed that idea was all hers:

“It was her idea. She came to Time to THRIVE to do it in a place where youth-serving professionals were gathered, and a place where she could have the most direct and profound impact on LGBT young people.”

Not only was her disclosure brave, it was so well-executed and meaningful!

Meanwhile, attendee and educator Mikki Cichocki described the mood as electric at the event when Ellen made her big speech:

“It was exhilarating. You didn’t know this was going to happen. You could see her sense of relief, like, ‘I got it out. I said it out loud.’ …There was this collective wave of emotion just supporting her, and a roar when she did actually say the words. You knew you just saw something that was momentous.”

We’re so proud of you, Ellen, for being so proud. We hope your inspiring words help many others to be brave like you!

Feb 20, 2014 5:14pm PDT

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