Ashley Wagner SLAMS The Judges At The Sochi Olympics! Uses A Shockingly Offensive Term To Describe How She Feels!

ashley wagner slams olympic ice skating judges

And, NO, we’re not talking about that time she mouthed “bullsh-t!” But, still, this is very telling.

Ashley Wagner has NOT been afraid to speak her mind about the judging at the Sochi Olympics, and once again she’s letting the world know that she isn’t happy with her score!

Just yesterday, the U.S. figure skater was visibly excited after finishing two programs without any major hitches or falls, but was disappointed and said she felt “gypped” when she found out she fell all the way down to seventh place behind other skaters who had mistakes in their routines!

It’s obvious that Ashley is not aware that “Gypped” is a stereotypical and racist term against Gypsies and is quite offensive.

After receiving her score, her exact words were:

I feel gypped. People don’t want to watch a sport where you see people fall down and somehow score above someone who goes clean. It is confusing and we need to make it clear for you. To be completely honest, this sport needs fans and needs people who want to watch it. People do not want to watch a sport where they see someone skate lights out and they can’t depend on that person to be the one who pulls through. People need to be held accountable.”

Wow, girl! Tell us how you really feel!!

Ashley went on to attack the judging, and says if there isn’t a big change made soon, the sport will continue to suffer:

“They need to get rid of the anonymous judging. There are many changes that need to come to this sport if we want a fan base, because you can’t depend on this sport to always be there when you need it. The sport in general needs to become more dependable.”

Ashley ended up 7.37 points behind fifth place finisher Julia Lipnitskaia and Adelina Sotnikova took home the gold medal in the individual competition, and she seems to think the Russian figure skaters had a bit of a home field advantage:

“The crowd was very supportive of the Russians, so to be a Russian figure skater must have been absolutely incredible to get out there, period… I came into this event knowing pretty well that that was how it was going to go. It is not fair to the skaters who work so hard to become noticed if they are not going to have a sport that backs up what they are doing.”

The 22-year-old has already said she fully intends to return to the Winter Olympics in four years when they’re held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Ashley’s clear disappointment in the judging has been a pretty big storyline at Sochi this year, which is odd because she herself was chosen as the top three U.S. women to go to Sochi despite falling in Nationals. Her fellow American figure skater Mirai Nagasu had a flawless routine, but was still named alternate.


Next time, let’s hope Ashley uses her words more wisely.

Feb 21, 2014 10:29am PDT

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