If You Didn’t Know Christian Fashion Week Was A Thing, You Do Now!

Find out all you need to know about Christian Fashion Week HERE!

Ever heard of Christian Fashion Week?

No? Allow us to share the gospel.

Christian Fashion Week (currently held in Tampa, Florida) was started by minister Jos├â┬⌐ Gomez and his wife Mayra last year as a Christian alternative to regular Fashion Week. But while it sounds like an excuse for designers to repurpose the crucifix in as many ways as possible, the event was actually organized to “showcase fashion-forward modest clothing.”

You know, like stuff you can wear to church!

A description on CFW’s website states:

“Christian Fashion Week exists to create a series of international fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion from a Christian worldview, reflecting common values such as modesty, boldness, and integrity. While we acknowledge that these values are not exclusively Christian, our faith is a unifying factor for the these ideals, and a viable marketplace for fashion designers who believe in them.”

If that description seems far less preach-y than you expected, you’re not alone!

Journalists who attended this year’s event noted that while there were some overt displays of Christianity (such as starting each show with a prayer), most the fashions presented weren├óΓé¼Γäót all too different than those shown at secular fashion weeks.

Maybe just a little less cutting edge, with a lot less nipple!

Check out some spectator pics from the event (below)!

[Image via Twitter.]

Feb 26, 2014 6:35pm PDT

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