Kim Kardashian Stormed Out Of An Austrian Ball After A Guy In Black Face Used The N-Word & Pretended To Be Kanye West!

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Ewww, this is just… EWWW!

If the reports coming out of Austria are accurate then we’re feeling super sorry for Kim Kardashian right now because she was just victimized by some totally inappropriate behavior!

Kimmy K attended the Opera Ball at the Viennese State Opera House tonight with her date Richard Lugner — the dude apparently dropped $500K to walk around with her on his arm for an evening — but things went bad in a hurry!!!

According to reports, she stormed out of the gala when a member of the event staff approached her in the most awkward and inappropriate way we can imagine. It was a white guy wearing black face, and he came up to her pretending like he was Kim’s fierce fianc├â┬⌐ Kanye West!

Uhh, no — we think she can tell the difference!

She brushed that dirt off of her shoulder but a short time later he approached her again! This time the guy asked her to dance to a song he requested the band play — to Ni**as in Vienna!

Whoa!!!! NOT COOL!

We don’t know what kind of behavior it tolerated at fancy-schmancy balls in Austria, but where we’re from putting on black face and dropping N-bombs are two HUGE no-nos!! We can’t believe anyone would act that way!

Between that guy’s behavior and her own date’s continued attempts to (allegedly) get her alone and without her security, Kim finally decided she was over trying to be Austrian Cinderella for a night!

She and Kris Jenner (above) got the heck out of that place as quickly as possible!!

Good for you, girls! No one deserves to be harassed like that!!! Not even for half a mil!!

[Image via Splash News.]

Feb 27, 2014 8:01pm PDT

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