Need More Frozen? You’ve Got To See Tyra Banks’ Let It Go That Is So AMAZE Idina Menzel Approves!

tyra banks idina menzel frozen twitter let it go

We will not let go of this song!

You’d think as much as we’re hearing Let It Go that we’d be sooo over it, but no! Not at all!

And now, Miz Tyra Banks is the latest celeb to get down with the Oscarwinning song as she took to Vine to Let It Go!

She posted this AH-Mazing vid:

Um, yes, that is everything!

And it looks like she’s got the queen of Let It Go agreeing with that! Idina Menzel totally approves of this vid!

Is there room for a third karaoke buddy in there??

Because we have definitely been rehearsing Let It Go from the minute we heard it!

[Images via WENN.]

Mar 4, 2014 4:11pm PDT

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