Charlie Sheen Took Vicodin & Punched Through A Wall While Getting His New Ink Done In Mexico?!

charlie sheen tattoo splash doodle

Everyone needs a souvenir to bring back from an AH-Mazing vacation.

But a t-shirt or refrigerator magnet just won’t do for Charlie Sheen!

He decided to get some new tattoos while on his holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Ch-ch-check out the photo above of Charlie getting his new ink!

He looks pretty composed there but we hear the Sheen Dream was a total nightmare under the needle!

A source says the actor paid a tattoo artist to come to his suite at Hotel El Ganzo, where he was staying with his former porn starlet fiancée Brett Rossi!

But before the inking began, Charlie started popping Vicodins!

The insider spilled:

“On the table are bottles of vodka, cigarettes strewn everywhere, a handful of Vicodins. He takes a few and chases it with vodka. Halfway through this tattoo, he takes some more Vicodin.├óΓé¼┬¥

What’s the deal, buddy? Is the pain too much for you??

If the tattoo needle didn’t hurt, what Charlie did next sure did! He allegedly punched a hole in the wall for no reason!

The source explained:

├óΓé¼┼ôWithout warning, Charlie punches a hole in the wall in front of him. He would later sign his name above the hole.”

You can see that hole right above Charlie’s head in the photo (above)!

The wild antics didn’t even end there. After destroying hotel property, Charlie reportedly tried to set himself on fire! Apparently he stripped down to his boxer shorts and tried to light his underwear!

We’re not calling you a liar, Mr. Sheen, but your pants are indeed on fire!

Oh boy. Well, if this was anyone BUT Charlie Sheen, we’d be shocked. But sadly, bad behavior like this just seems to be par for the course.

So what did Charlie put permanently on his body? According to the source, his new tattoos include a New York Yankees emblem, colorful Jaws body work and bracelets that resemble the real bracelets that his daughters Sam and Lola had recently made for him.

We’re sure the kiddos will be glad to see Daddy’s new ink! Just don’t tell them about the rest of the night!

[Image via Splash News.]

Mar 5, 2014 6:50pm PDT

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