Justin Bieber’s Miami Cop May Be Caught In A Lie! Find Out How Fast He Went On His GPS HERE!

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This might put the breaks on all claims that Justin Bieber had been drag racing at the time of his pull over!

Justin may be an egger, he might be a pisser of mop buckets, but he actually might not be a drag racer. At least, according to new evidence!

We reported earlier how Justin’s GPS in his Lamborghini showed top speeds of 27mph at the time of his arrest, and how although cops reported smelled alcohol on Justin’s breath, he only blew a .014 on the breathalyzer.

Now, it’s been reported that the cop who had claimed that he saw Justin drag racing had been going 11mph (according to his GPS) when he claimed to first see Bizzle going Fast & Furious before the officer accelerated to speeds around 30-40mph for roughly 3 blocks, and then finally reached 49mph as his top velocity.

Huh, must have been a slow drag race, eh officer?

How could Justin have raced on the streets against his friend Khalil if the top speed on his GPS at the time was 27mph, and if the cop’s was 49mph? If Justin had been drag racing wouldn’t the officer in question have to match and maybe even surpass his ridiculous speed to catch him?

This might be the crucial piece of evidence needed to show that the Bieberoni didn’t have need for speed!

Mar 6, 2014 11:53am PDT

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