Josh Duhamel Has Been Rescuing Dogs Like The Angel He Is, And Making Videos About It! Watch Him Bring Kristen Bell Along For The Ride HERE!

Just when we think Josh Duhamel couldn’t possibly take any more room in our hearts, we hear that he’s been helping PetSmart Charities by making an 8-episode web series about rescuing dogs — and finding them homes.

No joke, his production company, Dakotakid Media, had already debuted FOUR of its episodes of Rescue Waggin’: Tales from the Road, which is all about rescue pups!

In the first episode, for example, we meet Kristen Bell‘s adopted dogs. We see how passionate she is, and why rescuing is so important to her!

In other episodes we hear from people like, director/producer Adam Shankman, Bret Michaels, and comedian Rita Rudner!

When it comes down to WHY Josh is doing this, here’s what he had to say:

‘After our experience with pet adoption and the joy that Meatloaf brought into our home, I can honestly say that I will never have anything but a rescue pet again. Not only because it├óΓé¼Γäós the right thing to do, but because homeless pets are so loving and appreciative of a place to call home. We lost Meatloaf a couple of years ago, but he will always be with us.’

What an amazing way to be inspired to do some GREAT things!

We love it!

Watch a clip of the show (above)!

Mar 10, 2014 11:22am PDT

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