Liam Neeson Still Supports NYC Horse Carriages For Some Reason, Basically Tells Mayor “Step To Me Bro!”

Liam Neeson wants to save NYC's carriage industry! Unpopular opinion!

Liam Neeson was recently in NYC promoting his newest action film, Non-Stop.

We previously mentioned he’s one of the few celebrities who actually supports NYC’s horse-drawn carriages.

Liam specifically went out of his way recently to invite City Council members to the Clinton Park Stables to see how “well cared for” the horsies are.

When Liam’s biggest opponent, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio was a no show, Neeson allegedly said he should have “manned” up and showed up.

Whoa, sounds like a total bro-down! (Bro showdown.)

NY’s Mayor is attempting to replace the cruel horse-drawn carriages with vintage looking electric cars.

Liam’s reported response to this?

“Like we need more cars in New York.”

Ha! He sure is funny!

But we still feel like horses shouldn’t be running around a city, breathing exhaust fumes all day! Change your opinion, Liam!

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 12, 2014 3:29pm PDT

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