Ariana Grande Reveals Some Fresh Neck Ink On Instagram! Is She Saying Bye Bye To Her Good Girl Image??

ariana tattoo

Attempting to up your street cred, Ariana Grande??

We like-yy!

The talented songstress added some fresh ink to her body’s canvas on Thursday evening – provided by El Lay-based tattoo artist and TV’s Best Ink cast member Romeo Lacoste.

Ari posted the (above) pic to her Instagram account late last night, with the caption:

The tat reads “mille tendresse” which is a French term of endearment, meaning “a thousand tendernesses.”

And after doing some intense googling, we found out the phrase is mentioned in the classic Audrey Hepburn flick, Breakfast At Tiffany’s – which is SO Ariana!

Perhaps she’s not ditching her sweet image after all, considering the quote is quite sugary!

Anyway, we love the inked edge girl. Keep it up!

[Image via Instagram.]

Mar 14, 2014 1:50pm PDT

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