Meet The Twilight Trucker: He Wore Vampire Fangs & Kept Sex Slaves Locked Up In His Rig For MONTHS! Get The Terrifying Deets HERE!

truck driving vampire doodle

We cannot believe there’s even someone this evil out there that would do such a thing!

A Utah truck driver is being accused of capturing unsuspecting women and keeping them as sex slaves, locked up in his semitrailer, for MONTHS at a time!

Timothy Jay Vafeades drove an 18-wheeler that turned into a rolling nightmare for two women, one of whom is related to Vafeades!

Authorities believe he kidnapped his 19-year-old female relative in May of 2013 and forced her to live with him on his rig even after she requested to go home.

The victim claims he forced her to have sex with him more than 100 times and filed down her teeth in order to make her wear a false set!


It gets even creepier though…

Vafeades apparently wore his own fake teeth as well – vampire fangs!

He also named his truck, “The Twilight Express!├óΓé¼┬¥ It sounds like this sicko was a wannabe Edward Cullen!

How horrible is this?!

Vafeades was arrested and appeared in court this week. But now a second victim has come forward saying she went through a similar ordeal!

According to her, she met Vafeades back in April of 2012 and was held against her will inside his truck for three months! She was forced to have sex with him and says he even called her his slave!

Just like the other victim, she says Vafeades made her change her appearance and even forced her to marry him!

We’re so glad this guy was caught and these women are now safe!

We can only hope Mr. Vafeades gets locked up for MUCH, MUCH longer than he held his victims!

[Image via Clay County.]

Mar 14, 2014 2:10pm PDT

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