New Iraqi Law Will Allow Men To Marry Girls As Young As 8 Years Old AND Give Permission To Have Sex With Their Child Brides Without Consent!

iraq law allows iraqi children married wives to be raped

Why would any grown person want to marry a child?! DISGUSTING!

But that’s exactly what Iraq’s new marriage law would allow. While the Sunnis and Shiites are co-existing in the country, their laws are still divided. This Jaafari Personal Status Law is named after the sixth Shiite imam, Jaafar al-Sadiq, whose principles governed the law’s creation.

If the new rule goes into effect, not only is it a HUGE step back for women’s rights, but it will state that there will be no minimum age for marriage — which is currently 18 years old — unless a guardian signs off on his 15-year-old, or older, getting hitched — but it does address what happens if you divorce a 9-year-old.

The age is determined by the lunar Islamic calendar, so, according to the Gregorian calendar, that means the girl would be 8 years and 8 months old. Also, the father would be the only one who can sign off on a marriage.

WHY are you marrying and divorcing an eight year old anyway, gross person?!?

You can think that this isn’t becoming a common practice, but in 2011, 25 percent of Iraqi marriages were with someone under 18 years old, which increased from 15 percent in 1997.

Further, this new law will allow men to have sex with their wives WITHOUT their consent… so, rape. Also, women can’t leave the house without their husband’s consent… so, they’re captive?! Critics of the law also point out that this will cause issues in child custody cases, and that men will have an easier time taking multiple wives.

This law will likely be voted on by parliament after April 30th, when the parliamentary elections take place.

Iraqi Justice Minister Hassan al-Shimmari, Shiite and defender of the bill, claims that it will create less illicit underage marriages… but it’s still an underage marriage.

Sunni lawmaker Likaa Wardi has a very different opinion, and said:

“The Jaffari law will pave the way to the establishments of courts for Shiites only, and this will force others sects to form their own courts. This move will widen the rift among the Iraqi people.├óΓé¼┬¥

This is just horrible! We can’t even believe that people would think a law with ANY of these provisions is a good idea.


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Mar 18, 2014 1:03pm PDT

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