Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t On Twitter, But If She Were, This Is Probably What She Would Tweet About!

jennifer lawrence hypothetical twitter

It’s such a tragedy that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t on Twitter.

…But what if she DID tweet?

What HIGHlarious & genius things would J.Law have to say to the world?!?

Well, we may never find out what she would ACTUALLY say, but we totally imagined the pizza-inspired, reality tv watching, poking fun tweets she would send into the twitterverse.

And now we really want J.Law to create one!

Ch-ch-check out the hypothetical Jenny Law tweets…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

She would totally tweet about pizza.

jennifer lawrence pizza tweet450

We can totally see her tweeting about her love of the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

jennifer lawrence rhonj tweet450

And obviously about her guilty pleasure, everything Kim, Kourtney, & Khloe Kardashian.

jennifer lawrence kardashian tweet450

jennifer lawrence tweet katniss kardashian450

Plus, she would take every opportunity she could to make fun of Josh Hutcherson!

jennifer lawrence tweet josh hutcherson height450

We totally imagine her & Anna Kendrick becoming twitter besties cause they’re both HIGHlarious ladies!

jennifer lawrence tweet anna kendrick450

She would totally instigate fights with other bow & arrow wielding movie characters!

jennifer lawrence tweet archer bow450

We can only imagine the gold that would have come from beating Meryl Streep at the Oscars in 2013!

jennifer lawrence tweet i beat meryl450

And her displeasure with Ellen DeGeneres NOT letting her drop a boob in the infamous selfie!

jennifer lawrence tweet boobs450

J.Law would totally tweet about farts, like, all the time. Poor Bradley Cooper

jennifer lawrence tweet bradleycooper450

She would probably profess her love to Honey Boo Boo all the time.

jennifer lawrence tweet honeybooboo450

Jen made it clear she’s a House of Cards fan when she fan-girled over Kevin Spacey at the Oscars!

jennifer lawrence tweet houseofcards450

Her boyfriend, the talented Nicholas Hoult IS definitely on Twitter and we can TOTALLY see her sending him ridiculous (& adorable) tweets!

jennifer lawrence tweet nick hoult450

Lastly, we can totally see J.Law asking the Twitterverse HIGHlarious & ridiculous questions with the hashtag, #askingforafriend.

jennifer lawrence tweet peepants450

Wait… why ISN’T she on Twitter????

If she did even HALF of these things it would be AH-MAZEballz!!!

Someone get her a handle, pronto!!!!

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Mar 18, 2014 9:01am PDT

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