Woman ‘Possessed By The Devil’ Crashes Car Into Church, Then Stabs Her Husband In The Chest For Worshiping NASCAR! Ta-Daa!

tennessee woman crashes car into church and stabs husband in chest

This story is filled with so many WTF moments we barely know where to start!!

We’ll just jump in at the beginning: 23-year-old Stephanie Peery Hamman started off the night by crashing her car into Providence Church in Church Hill, Tennessee.

After wrecking her car, she called up her husband, Steven Hamman, who was watching NASCAR across the street at the time. When he arrived at the church, he found his wife on the altar where she proceeded to stab him in the chest!

We told you there was a lot to take in here!

Stephanie was arrested later that night at the Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center, and her explanation only made things stranger.

The Tennessee native first claimed that she drove through the church front doors because they were locked, and she had some things she needed to drop off. According to Stephanie, God was the one who told her she needed to be in the church, so the next logical step was to use her car as a battering ram!

She then got some directions from a wholly different voice, and later claimed she brought a knife along with her because she was possessed by the devil! That’s when she stabbed her husband because he was “worshipping” NASCAR!!

But wait, there’s more! Stephanie also admitted to smoking marijuana, and it sounds like it DEFINITELY has a big affect on her mood! She said:

“I smoke a bunch of weed, I love to smoke it. Sometimes when I do, I start seeing things that others don’t. Isn’t God good? He told me that this would happen and just look, I am okay.”

Um, that doesn’t sound okay to us, girl!!

Luckily, her husband Steven is recovering from his wounds and Stephanie is currently behind bars at Hawkins County Jail where she could face charges of attempted murder and vandalism!!

If pot is ever legalized fully in Tennessee, we would hope they’d make a special case and keep it illegal for Stephanie!

[Image via Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office]

Mar 18, 2014 12:59pm PDT

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