30 Years Ago Today The Breakfast Club Got Detention! Find Out Who Our Choices For The Brat Pack Are Today!

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Don’t you forget about The Breakfast Club! We certainly didn’t!

The events of The Breakfast Club took place on March 24th, 1984…exactly 30 years ago to the day! That’s a lot of detentions!

But this got thinking…if the club was formed today, who would be the Athlete, the Brain, the Criminal, the Basket Case, and the Princess?

While we could have written a thousand word essay on this subject alone, we decided to recast the roles ourselves!

Find out our personal casting choices…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

1. Taylor Momsen as Allison (aka the Basketcase)!

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2. Kevin McHale as Brian (aka the Brain)!


3. Bella Thorne as Claire (the Princess)!

molly rinwald breakfast club11

4. Tyler Blackburn as John (aka the Criminal)!


5. Dave Franco as Andrew (aka the Athlete)!

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Image via Jeff Grossman/Cousart/JFXimages/Apega/FayesVision/WENN/Universal Pictures.]

Mar 24, 2014 4:40pm PDT

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