Boyfriend Of Woman Who Faked Quintuplets Pregnancy Feels Totally Blindsided! And He WASN’T The First She’s Done This To!

boyfriend of woman who faked quintuplet pregnancy feels totally blindsided still cant believe hes not going to be a father

F is for fake!

Paul Servat was SO ready to be a father.

The man from Montreal was expecting his girlfriend Barbara Bienvenue to be delivering quintuplets any day now. As the due date approached, she began to experience morning sickness and was lactating. He had even asked his friends and family to donate gifts of baby stuff to help them out!

Including a full nursery!

But when Barbara entered the hospital last Wednesday, Paul was shocked to discover that there had never been any evidence of Barbara ever going to the hospital during her pregnancy. When they ran some blood tests, Paul was devastated to learn that Barbara wasn’t even pregnant AT ALL, let alone with 5 babies!

Paul STILL can’t wrap his head around it — and neither can we! We’re not even in the same situation!!

Here’s what he recently said:

“She let me choose the names. [Then] the doctors told me it was a phantom pregnancy…I lost everything, it was my whole life.”

The two had been dating for two months when last September the woman surprised her boyfriend with some “wonderful” news that she was expecting. She kept up the lie for 34 weeks, and would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling doctors!

Still, at least one woman knew something was amiss.

Geneviève Laflamme had recently given birth to triplets, and reached out to Barbara. She noticed something was wrong when the woman revealed that at first she thought it was twins, then triplets, and then quadruplets. Then a week before her due date, Barbara Bienvenue said the latest ultrasound revealed it was actually going to be quintuplets.

The woman with the “phantom pregnancy” has relatives who claim this isn’t the first time their family member has pulled this. One male relative said:

“This isn’t the first time she’s done it. But honestly, we never would have thought she was sick enough to do it again.”


Paul, the devastated father, is working hard to return all of the gifts that people had donated before the fake pregnancy was figured out. He said:

“I’ll return all these things to people who sent them or give them (away). I’m a good person and I have nothing to do with these lies.”

Hopefully he’ll be able to experience fatherhood one day with a woman who doesn’t prey on and deceive unsuspecting people.

Although we have NO idea how she expected to get away with this, it must be some deeper issue — and luckily, she has been kept under psychiatric observation where we hope she’ll be able to get the help she so obviously needs!

[Image via Paul Servat/Facebook.]

Mar 24, 2014 4:29pm PDT

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