CNN Producers Get Arrested For Breaking Into World Trade Center Site…While Doing A Report On People Breaking Into The WTC Site!

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Looks like the security team at New York’s World Trade Center site is finally paying attention!

After a teen climbed all the way to the top of the 1,776 foot tall building last week, people started scratching their heads as to HOW he was able to get past guards set up around the block.

Then just the other day, a video of a group of daredevils base jumping from the new Manhattan skyscraper surfaced, adding to the already black eye of the WTC police!

With a clear security problem going on downtown, CNN decided to report on the story and check out the scene.

That’s when police say news producers Yon Pomrenze and Connor Fieldman Boals tried to break into the site themselves!

Only problem is, they got caught!

Both men were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of governmental administration!

Uh oh!

Um…guys, you’re supposed to report the news. Not be ON the news!

Port Authority officials say the two tried repeatedly to go through gates lining the building. During one attempt, the producers apparently told a stationed officer that if a 16-year-old is able get onto the site, so should they!

K, well he didn’t get caught in the process! You two dudes definitely did!

CNN made a statement saying that these employees were supposed to report on the recent break-ins but were in no way instructed to try and break onto the the site themselves.

Cops also confiscated two cameras from them, which is probably for the best. No need to hold onto the embarrassing evidence of your overzealous journalism gone bad!


Mar 27, 2014 2:43pm PDT

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