Shailene Woodley’s Divergent Style: The Break-Down To Making The Mexico Premiere Look Your Own!

Shailene Woodley's makeup artist details her red carpet look at the Divergent premiere in Mexico!

This gurl simply emotes natural beauty — in more ways than one!

When it comes to health, Shailene Woodley prefers natural remedies. And that same ideology applies to her makeup!

But while the actress doesn’t go au naturel to red carpet events out of respect, she does tend to opt for very minimal, fresh-faced looks. She also uses all-natural products!

For instance, at the Divergent premiere in Mexico this week (above), Miz Woodley├óΓé¼Γäós makeup artist Roxy wanted to keep Shailene├óΓé¼Γäós maquillage as simple as possible. Too much on her face would’ve clashed with her bright orange dress!!

Get an in-depth description of all the products Roxy used and how they were applied…AFTER THE JUMP!!!


Rejuva Minerals Botanique Naturels Sweet Lavender Toner

Tarte clean slate flawless 12-hr brighting foundation Primer

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream in Light/Medium

Rejuva Minerals Concealer in Natural

Rejuva Minerals Natural Pressed Powder Foundation Bronzer in St. Tropez

Rejuva Minerals Eye Liner Crayon in Black Sapphire

Rejuva Minerals Eye shadow in Slate

Rejuva Minerals Eye Shadow in Pearl Beige

Tarte GIFTED Amazonian Clay smart mascara

100% Pure Organic Mint Lip Balm


To create Shailene’s look for the evening, we pulled most inspiration from her gorgeous neon orange dress as well from our environment in Mexico City. There was so much festivity surrounding us in the beautiful colors, it really influenced the mood for the evening.

The goal was to give her makeup a look that had some spice, but acted as an accessory to compliment her dress and not compete with it. We kept her skin very clean with minimal color and created an edgy, soft smoke to her eyes to make them her “beauty statement” piece for the night.

The climate in Mexico City was very humid, so her skin already feeling and looking balanced in hydration to begin with which allowed me to skip moisturizer. Instead I generously misted Rejuva Minerals Botanique Naturels Sweet Lavender Toner all over her face, neck and d├â┬⌐colletage which gave her skin some light hydration as well some astringent to keep her natural oils balanced throughout the night. Next, I applied Tarte’s clean slate flawless 12-hr brighting foundation primer down the center of her face as well as her cheeks, chin and forehead. I applied the primer with my Rejuva Soft blush brush and smoothed it outward towards her jawline in circular motions to melt it perfectly into her complexion.Using a good primer was a must to keep her makeup withstanding the humidity; it also helped to bring out her gorgeous glow with its brighting effect.

Shailene does not need much foundation; we like to keep her skin breathable and not masked with coverage. I applied Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream in Light/Medium starting from the center of her face where most shadows and or discolorations naturally exist in our complexions. I blended the base outward towards the jawline and down past her neck with my favorite foundation brush #6 from Chanel. Blending is always key to creating the effect of flawless skin when applying makeup. I’m never shy in making sure that I’ve blended both with my foundation brush as well as doing a once over with my Beauty Blender sponge. I take my damp sponge and press the product into the skin until its seamless to the eyes. For concealer I loved using Rejuva’s powder concealer in Natural for the night. I used Rejuva’s “cover and blend” brush to press the concealer into her skin to perfect her even-toned radiant look. This concealer multi tasked perfectly because it set her makeup exactly where I wanted to eliminate shine, under her eyes, on her chin, around her nose and just above her nose on her forehead. The pigment in this concealer is fantastic in giving solid coverage while the finish of it is still very sheer so her skin could still breath.

We skipped blush for this look because her dress gave off so much color, we wanted to focus solely on her skin and eyes to assure there was no competition with color. Instead I opted to give her a very subtle contour to her cheeks using Rejuva Natural Pressed Powder Foundation Bronzer in St. Tropez. I applied the bronzer with a Rejuva Precision Buki brush directly under her cheek bones, to give a slight sculpting effect to her face but kept it very soft to make it look as if it was barely there. I used a very light hand when applying the bronzer and went at it in short, circular motions so it didn’t overwhelm her cheeks.

The idea behind her eyes was to create an edgy look that would really stand out in a semi- tough, sexy manner and NOT be too defined. I started with Rejuva Eye Liner Crayon in Black Sapphire and rimmed the top of her eyes generously. I brought the liner also down underneath her lash line to bring balance to the top lash line but kept that line much thinner. Next using my Rejuva Shadow Smudge brush I applied Rejuva eyeshadow in Slate directly over top of the liner to smoke it out a bit and to also boost the pigment. After smudging the shadow and liner generously, I took what was left on my eyeshadow brush and applied to the outer corners of her eyes to give them a little extra drama without over doing it. Lastly to really pop her eyes I applied Rejuva Eye Shadow in Pearl Beige in her inner eye, tear duct areas with another Rejuva smudge brush. The brush shape and size gave me the perfect amount of shadow to really standout and finish this edgy and fun look to her eyes.

Shailene loves to apply her own mascara and does it flawlessly. That is her moment to really connect with her look and own it before she steps out in the public eyes. To give her eyes more drama she brushed on tarte’s GIFTED Amazonian Clay smart mascara in BLACK. This mascara is one of our favorites because it add’s volume but keeps her lashes extremely long and defined.

For lips, we kept it very natural so there was no added color to her look. She applied one of her a favorites lip hydrators, 100% PureOrganic Mint Lip balm straight from the stick. Her lips naturally have such a beautiful pink hue to them so we wanted to keep them soft, hydrated and in their truest color which completed her look for the night.

[Image via Getty Images.]

Mar 27, 2014 5:59pm PST

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