Glee Officially Moves To NYC Tonight — But Wait, Where’s Brittany & Artie?!

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As if the song choices for this week’s episode weren’t telling enough for you, here’s some stone cold evidence of Glee‘s official move to NYC!

Last week’s episode was an end to the Glee club era and for the rest of the series, Glee will be full-time in the Big Apple!

The hit show revealed a graphic on Twitter yesterday that now solidifies the show movin’ out and over to New York, revolving around our favorite original Gleeks!

But it also revealed perhaps sometime more telling about who will be seeing partying up on the isle of Manhattan — and who we won’t!

They tweeted:

Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Sam, the gang’s all — wait, where’s Brittany?!

And Artie, for that matter?! (Though, he’s pretty locked in for the move, considering his acceptance in that Brooklyn Film School.)

Naya Rivera has been hinting in interviews and even Ryan Murphy teased of a Brittana reunion in New York in the last episode!

So, why is she missing from this poster?! We need answers!!

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Apr 1, 2014 4:10pm PDT

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