Is Bradley Cooper’s Limitless Pill A Real Thing? Find Out What This Drug Wants To Do To Your Brain HERE!

Is Bradley Cooper's Limitless pill a real thing?

Remember that pill in limitless that took a long-haired, Birkenstock-wearing Bradley Cooper and turned him into a playboy millionaire with a Maserati??

Well what if we told you it was a real thing?!?

Scientist have found that using an Alzheimer’s drug called donepezil can boost the production of chemicals such as serotonin and acetylcholine, which make the brain more “elastic” and therefor more susceptible to absorbing information!

These chemicals are found in high levels while children are going through developmental stages, making it easier for them to learn knew things like playing a musical instrument or picking up a new language. However, over time the production of these chemicals significantly decreases when we get older.

Professor Takao Hensch used the pill on a 14-year-old girl with amblyopia, or a lazy eye, which impairs her vision. After taking donepezil, they found she was able to process images with her effected eye the same way an infant would!

Obviously there are still a lot of tests that still need to be done, but it sounds like this could be a huge breakthrough! Besides, who doesn’t want to be more like B-Coop??

Apr 1, 2014 10:58am PDT

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