New Study Finds Jogging Could Be Bad For You?? Well That’s Confusing!

A new study found that jogging could be bad for you?! How does that work??

Nothing feels better than going for a nice jog!

Stretching the muscles, getting your blood flowing, feeling a little better than everyone who isn’t jogging at that moment.

It’s all just so wonderful!

But did you know that jogging can KILL YOU?! Not just from a heart attack or from getting hit by a bus or something.

New research has found that too much jogging can contribute to an early death. The people who tend to live the longest, do a moderate amount of exercise. That’d be about two to three hours of running a week.

People who do TONS of running and people who do NONE tend to have shorter lifespans. Moderation seems to be the secret of life!

What’s crazy is it’s apparently not even related to heart health, which is what we thought it’d be all about. The worst part about all of this is everything is still inconclusive, with the doc who led the study saying:

“What we still don’t understand is defining the optimal dose of running for health and longevity.”

So basically, keep things moderate or you’re gonna die.

…die earlier than others, at least.

So get out there and run! But not too much!

Just enough!

Apr 3, 2014 10:01am PDT

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