Rats In A Manhattan Dunkin’ Donuts Captured On Video! Makes You Never Want To Be Dunkin’ Ever Again!

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We thought it was mice that came out to play, but this time it was some rats! And they’re some big suckers, too!

If you’re ever in Manhattan in New York City around 37th Street and 8th Avenue – you may want to avoid the Dunkin’ Donuts that’s there.

That’s because one customer recorded (on video) some DISGUSTING footage of rats in the store hanging on curtains, and eating all of the donuts!

And apparently, according to one customer, this isn’t that weird of an occurrence for that particular store!

Here’s what one customer wrote in an email:

“At two-thirty [in the morning] every [day] the workers load the shelves with the morning’s wares. Shortly thereafter like clockwork the rats come out and party. My phone ran out of power, or I would’ve filmed the outright nine deep rat assault which followed the action above. The items in the video that are being besieged upon by the rats were to be sold for that mornings breakfast rush.”

The Dunkin’ Donuts staff aren’t the only ones at fault here. The City’s Health Department gave the store an A rating despite evidence of a furry problem this last November!

The video is TOO gross to even explain!

At least you can tell that the customers have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Most folks would’ve been scared out of their wits! We know we would have!

Only in New York!!!

Check out the gross videos (below)!

Apr 3, 2014 4:44pm PDT

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