Gay Contestant On Big Brother Canada Is Pretending To Be Straight All To Win The Game! But Is It Hurting Him More Than It’s Helping?

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One Big Brother Canada contestant has a secret that he is finding hard to keep!

Despite being gay, Kenny Brain has been telling other people in the house that he’s straight, dishing about “ex-girlfriends” and flirting with the ladies of the house.

But after a month of pretending, despite the fact that he was open in his confessionals about being gay, he needed to tell someone on the show, and that was contestant Sarah Miller:

“This is the first time in my life I’ve ever hidden who I am…I don’t want people to watch this and do the same thing. I needed to tell someone or I was going to die.”

Now, we know this is part of his own strategy – Kenny thinks pretending to be straight will gain him more advantages with the girls in the house – but we’d urge him to just be himself on TV!

We think it sets a better example to be proud and honest about your sexuality, rather to teach the lesson that you can only be successful in a competitive environment by concealing yourself.

However, on the contrary, we wouldn’t want our stance to be misinterpreted as stating that everyone should feel obligated to come out of the closet. Coming out of the closet is a big decision, and only you should be making that.

However, since Kenny has been frank with TV viewers, it seems his little rouse is completely strategic. Come on. It’s 2014. Let’s be proud, and have a little faith that people will judge you by your character, and not your sexuality.

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Apr 4, 2014 8:14pm PST

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