School Kids Are MAD At Michelle Obama Because Of Their Lunches!

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Good thing these kids couldn’t vote the last election around. They may have voted against POTUS just because of FLOTUS!

Michelle Obama has a lot of critics these days, and they’re almost all school children who are unhappy with the smaller, healthier portions she’s provided through her Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Lots of students have gone to Twitter to post unhappy selfies of themselves or their totally not large lunches. And some of the tweets are kind of brutal!

Here’s what one angry student tweeted:

“I’ll never forgive Michelle Obama for this school lunch”


Here’s some of the other students’ tweets:

“‘@MichelleObama my school lunch while eating with my daughter. Only other choice was a scoop of salad. This is sad!’

‘@MichelleObama so this is the “healthy school lunch”…’

‘Thanks Michelle Obama’

‘You call this a f**king “lunch”? @BarackObama @MichelleObama'”

Wow! We had no idea kids in school were so passionate about their lunches! We honestly wouldn’t blame this on Michelle or President Barack Obama — those unappetizing lunches may be the result of the school!

We wonder if other schools are treating their students to more appealing looking meals?

Plus people are always gonna buck change, even if it’s for the better!

Oh, and we don’t remember lunches EVER being something very delicious! There may have been more of it, but it was just a lot of the usual luke-warm food! Like hot dogs that could bounce high off the ground!

Lets get these kids some tastier foods, and some more filling ones, and then maybe we can stop blaming Michelle for just trying to help America’s children!!!

Check out some of the angry tweeted photos (below) !!!

Apr 7, 2014 7:01pm PDT

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