Dude Wearing “Drunk As Sh*t” T-Shirt Predictably Drives Drunk & Then Commits Other Crimes Too Awful To Even Print On Tees!

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We guess the “Douchetastic” shirts didn’t come in size awful.

Twenty-one-year-old Ross McMakin of Oregon is inadvertently making a pretty compelling case for raising the drinking age to, well, older than him.

The barely legal boozer was arrested in Corvallis, Oregon last week after allegedly drunk driving his car onto the sidewalk, ramming into a parked car, and then, a bit later, choking his girlfriend.

Gross, right? Even grosser is that he allegedly committed those crimes while wearing the most bro-tastic t-shirt in the history of ever — it has “Drunk As Sh*t” printed on it (above.)

Ew. Just ew. Advertising your (alleged) crime on your tee is ick-worthy enough, but attacking your significant other, too??

We sincerely hope she’s okay!

And what’s up with all of these allegedly inebriated creepazoids getting busted wearing ironic t-shirts? First we had Christopher Reeves flying high dressed like Superman and now this guy?

Ugh! Have the hipsters finally taken over our prisons, too? Is NOTHING sacred anymore?!

Remember when Cary Grant drove drunk in Alfred Hitchcock‘s North By Northwest!? The Hollywood legend at least had the decency to first put on his best suit and tie.

Ross, whose BAC was twice the legal limit, has been officially charged with strangulation, DUI, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and harassment. Unofficially, we suspect the court of public opinion might also charge him with being a horrible person.

[Image via Corvallis Police Department.]

Apr 8, 2014 8:08am PST

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