500-Pound Florida Man Trapped In His Own Home Is Rescued By Firefighters Who Had To Demolish A Whole Wall To Get Him Out!

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Dozens of firefighters had to be called to the scene of a 63-year-old man’s home after he fell and became stuck for more than 24 hours!

It wasn’t until after being on the ground, unable to move, for an entire day that the morbidly obese man called his best friend, Don Estess, for help. Rescue crews arrived soon after but were met with a challenge: how to get the 500-lbs patient out of his house!

According to officials, the inside of his home was filled with clutter which made moving him out the front door impossible. The plan then became to demolish an entire WALL on his house, lay down wooden plank boards and transport him on a special stretcher into the ambulance!

Palm Beach County Fire Captain Albert Borroto explained how his team is trained for this operation, saying:

“We have one special unit in Palm Beach County that can handle patients that weigh up to 1,000 lbs.├óΓé¼┬¥

His buddy Don painted a sad picture of how this unidentified man had been living, admitting:

“To be perfectly honest with you, he’s been this way – I’ve known the man for 25 years. He’s just steadily, steadily… Never been married, never had kids.├óΓé¼┬¥

Estess went on to say that his friend has a health condition that causes him to retain excessive amounts of water and gain weight. He’s been very lonely living by himself in this house.

Maybe there’s a silver lining to this story though. Perhaps this will be the wakeup call that this man needs to start living a healthier lifestyle!

The fire department breaking through his wall might be the breakthrough in life he’s been waiting for!

[Image via Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.]

Apr 11, 2014 1:04am PDT

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