More Tragedy! Mickey Rooney’s Estranged Wife & Stepson Not Allowed To Go To His Burial?!


The details surrounding the funeral of Mickey Rooney just got even sadder.

We reported earlier how Mickey’s estranged wife Jan caved on the issue against Mickey’s lawyers on the place of his burial, opting to allow him to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery with other former celebs of yesteryear.

Jan wrote this statement on the subject:

“Despite my strong desires to be buried with my husband, I feel that I owe it to Mickey’s fans to allow Mickey to be buried alongside other members of Hollywood royalty.”

But get this…a judge just ruled that according to the new burial agreement, Jan and Mickey’s sole inheritor, his stepson Mark, will not be allowed to attend the services.

What the what?! This is SO far from acceptable. Just because there was a minor dispute over the burial shouldn’t mean that these family members can’t give Mickey their proper goodbyes.

Our hearts go out to all his family members, including those who unfairly cannot be there to send him off.

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 11, 2014 5:00pm PDT

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