Teresa Giudice LOVES The Attention She’s Getting From Her Legal Troubles!

Teresa Giudice loves her new popularity!

Girl, there are more important things in life to get excited over.

Teresa Giudice is facing some hefty legal shizz with regard to her tax fraud and evasion case… and the Real Housewives star has never been more popular!

A source recently revealed that the 41-year-old mother has had more event requests than ever, and she’s loving every minute of it! The source explained:

“Everyone wants to book Teresa for their show or event and she LOVES it. Teresa thrives on being famous and even though this is a really scary situation, the way that people are clamoring for her has really gone to her head. She really seems to have an inflated ego now. Teresa is thriving with all of her new attention. And the best part for her is she is just playing the martyr.”

Everyone loves some fame, but is this really the time for all of that? Her hubby could face jail time for crying out loud!

Oh, and the source added that Teresa can’t talk about the trial at all, so she really doesn’t have much to speak about publicly.

It all sounds a little catty, but we have been seeing a lot more of Teresa than usual.


[Image via WENN.]

Apr 13, 2014 4:29pm PDT

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