9 Times Conan O’Brien Made Us Very Uncomfortable During The 2014 MTV Movie Awards!

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Last night’s MTV Movie Awards were pretty… er, safe, to say the least. There were no truly outrageous moments from the show.

Well, except that whole shirtless thing with Zac Efron…that was PERFECTION.

Aside from that, though, the show was not the best, to put it nicely.

We have to say that while we totally love Conan O’Brien on late night TV, we think his hosting job fell totally flat.

Instead of having us laughing, like the red-headed late night host normally does, he had us cringing all night!

It was totally uncomfortable and you’ll totally agree with us when you see why…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

He started the night with a weirdly awkward joke about almost dying, which definitely didn’t happen.

almost killed

Then welcomed everyone to this awards show…

satanic cult awards

And when he joked about the people standing in the front, it was kinda gross.

enjoy my spittle

Instead of playing music like the Oscars, Conan joked they would do something different.

send dick pic

And then he showed some proof…

actual dick pic

Annnnnnd finally dropped this gem of an uncomfortable joke.

flaccid state

He emerged for the Best Shirtless Performance award looking very buff, but was awkward with his comedy…

eyes are up here

And couldn’t really walk properly in his fake abs…

this is how you walk

Lastly, Conan thanked his “mom” for writing Mark Wahlberg‘s f-bomb heavy acceptance speech….?

mark wahlberg acceptance speech

Sure, it might not have been Conan’s best job he’s ever done… But it doesn’t really matter.

Because Zefron accepted an award shirtless. NOTHING ELSE IS AS IMPORTANT AS THIS.

mtv movie awards zac efron shrit rip(1)


mtv movie awards 2014 zac efron keeps his shirt off(1)

Which Conan summed up everyone’s reactions in one GIF.

conan thumbs up

Apr 14, 2014 2:38pm PDT

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