We Get It — Not Everyone Is As Perfect As You, Jessica Biel!! Mrs. Timberlake Tweets Shame At Women Who Wear PJs At Airports!

Jessica Biel doesn't want to see women in pajamas at the airport!

OK, let’s be honest here.

Who really boards a plane without the intention of taking at least a quick catnap?? You’re forced to remain seated most of the time anyway, and a state of mild unconsciousness definitely cuts flight times down.

So for many people planning on a quick (or extended) jumbo jet snooze, the obvious outfit of choice would most likely consist of pajamas!

But unfortunately, if you’re one of those people, Jessica Biel does NOT approve.

While presumably at the airport over the weekend, Mrs. Timberlake tweeted:

Alright, fancy pants.

Go ahead, make everyone else feel bad about not looking as fabulous as you do all the time!!

We kid, we kid.

But srsly, Jess. Try the PJ thing sometime — you just might like it!! LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 15, 2014 1:28pm PDT

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