New Canadian Study Shows That Your Brain Starts Deteriorating Much Earlier Than You Previously Thought! Super Sad Science Deets HERE!

scientists say brain slows at 24 cognitive decline simon fraser university canada

Well, at least this explains 24-year-old musician Chris Brown‘s recent behavior!

A team of Canadian researchers published a disturbing new neurological study that will kind of make you want to cry!

According to Canadian scientists at Canada’s Simon Fraser University, the human brain takes its first steps down the long road to mushy-mush quicker than we thought!

The Canadians hypothesize that cognitive decline, i.e. the slowing down of our brains, begins as early as 24!!!!

Oh noes! Not our brains! Anything but our brains!

The Canadian study, which timed and tracked various types of decision-making amongst 3,300 mostly Canadian volunteers, showed that brain functionality slows as age increases. In fact, it starts slowing as early as 24 years of age!

This isn’t the first study to show an inverse relationship between age and cognitive ability, obvs, but it’s seemingly the first to point toward signs of decline quite so early!

Ugh!! We assumed our glorious grey matter was insulated from decay for a few more decades! Thanks, Canada!

Maybe this phenomena is limited only to Canadian brains, though — have they considered that? Perhaps it’s the region’s bitter cold driving this early descent into feeble-mindedness! Or maybe it’s all the gosh-darned politeness!

Either way, not all the of news was totally depressing! Canadian scientists assure us that the wisdom gained from life experiences can often times make up for the decline in brain functionality!

So there’s that. We guess.

Apr 16, 2014 5:44pm PDT

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